Electro Harmonix Compressor

Bestseller No. 1
Electro Harmonix Bass Preacher Compressor / Sustainer Effects Pedal
  • Compact compressor designed especially for bass guitar
  • Input sensitivity ranges from -10 dBu to +2 dBu making it a perfect fit for both passive and active basses of varying output levels
  • Maximum gain reduction of 21 dB, with enough make-up gain to return your signal to full volume at maximum sustain (compression)
  • Attack toggle switch changes the timing of the onset of compression and provides three selectable settings: Fast, Medium and Slow
  • True bypass for maximum signal path integrity when in bypass mode
Bestseller No. 2
Seymour Duncan 11900-007 Studio Bass Compressor Pedal
  • Grazie al selettore mini switch è possibile decidere come interviene l'effetto di compressione, senza sacrificare il suono.
  • La funzione "Blend" permette di decidere come miscelare il suono compresso con quello originale.
  • Assemblato a Santa Barbara, CA., U.S.A.
Bestseller No. 3
Electro Harmonix Platform · Effetto a pedale
  • Studio-quality compressor/limiter lets the user precisely tune dynamics regardless of the instrument or situation.
  • The compressor/limiter includes a full complement of controls: Volume, Attack, Release and Sustain, plus pushbuttons for Hard or Soft Knee and the Limiter.
  • Foot-switchable overdrive section adds versatility and includes dedicated controls for Volume, Tone and Drive. Together with the compressor it produces a sound that's saturated, smooth and slippery.
  • Adjustable Swell function creates bowed, fade in and reverse effects.
  • True stereo operation, can be used as Mono In and Out, Mono In and Stereo Out, or Stereo In and Stereo Out.
Bestseller No. 4
Electro Harmonix Tone Corsett · Effetto a pedale
  • Analog Compressor
  • Tipo di effetto: Compressione
  • Tipo di costruzione: Analogici
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Regolatore: Volume, Sustain, Blend, Attack

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